Who is Plamen Kapitanski?


The artist Plamen Kapitanski is one of the most acknowledged Bulgarian artists. He was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria on the April, 18th, 1964. His first painting experience goes back to 1968 when he was four. His love to art motivated him to join the Bulgarian State College of Art, where he graduated in 1983. From 1985-1991 he studied at the Bulgarian Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in Mural Painting.

His artistic talent and passion for painting both frescoes, and oils on the finest canvases, have earned him the highest regard and fine reputation throughout Europe. Apart from this main creative subject, Mr. Kapitanski never left the parallel path of painting and drawing, which finally brought him to the stage of a respected modern artist. The definitely provoking and individual style of his paintings, not classifiable by any modern trend, has appealed to an audience of non – conventional experts of art. Ensuing ten One-Man Shows and more than nine Joint Exhibitions throughout most capital cities in Europe. It is only natural that his work can be found in Tower of London (Portrait of “Richard the Lionheart”), Vatican (Icon “La Madonna”) and in numerous private collections in Bulgaria, USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Canada, France, Austria, Czech Republic.

Until 1999 the Artist was famous with his paintings and drawings. Due to heavy allergy he stopped painting and began visiting a number of monasteries in Bulgaria . He has returned to painting on July 1999 with a brilliant representation of St. George in the eponymous church in the village of Zlatolist near the town of Melnik, where lived the last Bulgarian prophetess –Reverend Stoyna. Until today he pays a honor to the Reverend Stoyna with numerous of paintings. People believe that her images have healthy radiance.

On April 2000 he gifted three of his icons, painted especially for, to the oldest Christian church in Bulgaria “The Holy Trinity”, in the Krastova Gora in the Rodopi mountain.
From October 2000-2007 he has been working and living in London, where he has exhibited in many galleries, including some of the most prestigious, the Cork Street Gallery, Hays Gallery, Langton Street Gallery, the Gagliardi Gallery and others. His paintings reached a price of 17 000 GDP (Press Release: Cork Street Gallery, April 27. 2002, Bulgarian Artist Plamen Kapitanski’s “Infinity Reality” exhibition – an exhibition of figurative and abstract art matched with a wide range and fusion of brilliant colors. Prices for the artist’s 47 works on show range from several at 1.500 to 17 000 GBP

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  3. Clive Towell
    March 02, 2017 6:01 pm Reply

    Dear Mr Kapitanski,
    I am writing to you from HM Tower of London. I am a Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London and have the pleasure of seeing your painting of Richard the Lion Heart hanging above the Yeoman Gaolers door in the Warders Hall each day.
    Our Chief Yeoman Warder has just moved on, he is replaced now by Chief Yeoman Warder Chris Morton.
    Chris has decided that only a few people or visitors get to see this fantastic painting and has decided to move it to the Yeoman Warders Club where it will be able to be seen by many of our invited guests and families each night.
    I pass on this information so that you may keep your records up to date as to the locations of these great paintings but also to invite you and the family and friends down for a drink one night in the club if you wish?
    If you do please feel free to contact me.

    Many thanks

    YW Clive Towell

    1. KapitanskiArt
      March 07, 2017 3:21 pm Reply

      Dear Mr. Yeoman Warder,
      Your letter brought back a great excitement and so much memories of Tower of London.
      I just have sent you an email for the possible date I am planing to travel to London.
      Best Regards,

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